by Dan Treadwell | February 2, 2011 7:21 pm

Looking for Solutions – and Opportunities?

We provide marketing services for wellness professionals in the social networking age. The concept is simple, yet powerful. We invite the right health and wellness experts to form an integrated wellness group, and then promote the group as a comprehensive wellness program. The program will address your clients’ mind, body and spiritual needs throughout their lifecycle (i.e. youth, adult and senior years.)

Promotions will consist of:


Now you can reap the benefits of the latest electronic technologies to gain clients and new business with a minimum investment of your time and energy. Through published articles about the benefits of their modalities, the specialists in the group become the local expert in their field. They share their ideas, knowledge and passion, and we do the hard work of bringing their name before the public. The result is increased referrals and business.  Even better, since being part of an integrated wellness group, you’ll realize these benefits:


Types of Wellness Experts Wanted To Participate:


Doctor of Osteopathy

Herbal Medicine



Eye specialist

Health Counselor

Personal Trainer

Anti-aging expert

Healthy aging

Holistic Spa

Physical therapy


Healthy foods

Holistic Vet

Rolfing Expert

Exercise / Fitness

Hearing Specialties




Holistic Gynecology

Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy

Natural Birth instructors / midwife

Cleansing / Colonics


Massage therapy

Weight loss

Exercise Equipment

Holistic Doctor

Meditation / Yoga

Health / Life Coach


All member requirements will be outlined in the co-op member agreement provided to the chosen health and wellness specialists.

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